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  • 90 ball bingo - Glitz and Glam

    Glitz & Glam

    Play Now!

    £2,000 Bingo Linx Game - every day at 12pm

    £3,000 Last Chance Saloonevery day at 6pm

    £5,000 Bingo Linx game - every Friday at 10pm 

    Join us in our most glamourous 90-ball bingo room for a dazzling time you don’t want to miss. Glitz and Glam, our main playroom, is open 24/7 and offers unlimited gaming sessions. You’ll be sure to enjoy yourself while receiving infinite chances to hit the massive progressive jackpot – Bingo Bliss!

    Glitz and Glam is a networked online bingo room, meaning we’ve accumulated tons of money just waiting to be won. For starters, you’ll find big money Bingo Linx games every day at noon and Last Chance saloon games every day at 6:00pm. Then, on everybody’s favourite day of the week (Friday) at 6.30pm, we give away £20,000 in guaranteed prize money.

    Cross your fingers and hope for some lucky numbers! And don’t forget, whether you’re feeling sleepless or simply in the mood to party, this room is open at all times!

  • Free Bingo - The Playground

    The Playground

    Play Now!

    Open: 11am – 12 noon and 8-9pm every day

    Tickets: All of them!


    The Playground is open to all our lucky new members for their first 7 days after joining Titanbet Bingo. This provides the perfect opportunity to learn the ropes and find your way around - ready to play for real! 

  • 40 ball bingo - Rainbow Riches

    Rainbow Riches

    Play Now!

    Open from 9am to midnight every day

    Tickets – prices from 5p-25p

    Prizes on House and 1line

    Selected games have prizes: 1TG, 2TG and 1&2TG

    The most colourful Irish bingo game has arrived to Titanbet Bingo! Rainbow Riches is here to entertain us leprechaun style: with a gigantic pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

    One of the things that makes this 40 ball room so special are the Rainbow Jackpots.  These are progressive community jackpots that are played at the end of the game. The leprechaun is moving over the rainbow and can take 2 steps per game, it depends on the amount of rainbow clovers drawn during the game. He will take 100 steps before he starts a new game. If he hits the jackpot it will be payed out to  all players.

    Then there’s the Magic Number as well. Players that purchase five tickets or more get this Magic Number. If the number is called during the game they collect extra golden coins for their Wishing Well*. If they collect more than 100 coins they receive a featured prize.

    The *Wishing Well Featured prize can be won with 100 coins or more and brings the player a £5 bonus split between Rainbow Riches Bingo Bonus and Rainbow Riches Slot Bonus.

  • 75 ball bingo - The Ballroom

    The Ballroom

    Play Now!

    Open 24 hours a day

    Daily £1,000 Bingo Linx game - at 9:30pm

    Super Sunday  - between 7:30pm-11:30pm

    Every 1/2 hr - £200 games for 50p Ticket

    Dreamland Jackpot

    BOG0F and BOG2F

    Get your party hats and put on your dancing shoes, it’s time for a ball! Join us in The Ballroom for a fun-filled time with plenty of fantastic rewards up for grabs.

    Our players especially love the Ballroom as it gives you even more chances to win! Not only is there the usual 1-line, 2-line and full house prizes, we’re giving away even more prizes with horizontal 4-lines and 5-lines!  The full house winner must be called within 42 balls or fewer.

    Tickets are cheap, ranging from 5p-50p, and the prizes can reach up to a massive £150 in the big games. Yes, that’s right we’re giving away £150 every half hour between 19:00-00:00.

    You may even hit the Dreamland jackpot and start turning your dreams into reality.

    P.S. For all the early-birds and night-owls, you can play whenever you like, this room is open 24 hours!

  • 90 ball bingo - Sprint Bingo

    Sprint Bingo

    Play Now!

    Speed Bingo - now open 24 hours
    Cheap tickets - starting from just 2p!

    Powerball Jackpot

    Join us in the Sprint Bingo room for some fast-action bingo that will definitely get your adrenaline pumping! Speed your way to massive rewards with our fastest version of 90-ball bingo, where you get the chance to win the outrageous Powerball Jackpot.
    With cheap tickets and games starting every 3 to 4 minutes, this is one fast room that could get you on your winning streak in no time.

  • 90 ball bingo - The Executive Suite

    The Executive Suite

    Play Now!

    Open - 6pm till Midnight

    Tickets ranging from 20p - £1

    BOGOF - every 15 minutes 

    Money Hill Magic


    With Buy One Get One Free tickets available every 15 minutes and Money Hill Magic Jackpots awarded every 30 minutes, The Executive Suite is a smart choice for savvy bingo players who know where to cash in.  Sit back and relax in the boss’s chair and start earning big bucks!

  • 90 ball bingo - Deal or no deal

    DOND 90 Ball

    Play Now!

    DOND Network Jackpot -  over £10,000 on offer 

    Based on Britain’s hit television series, Deal or No Deal has become one of the most popular bingo games around.  Like other 90-ball bingo variants, DOND is played until a full house winner is called. But the end of the game offers a fun twist and that’s when the action really heats up!

    Here’s how it works: Each DOND box is assigned a bingo ball number. When that number is drawn, the respective box is removed from the prize board. Once the full house winner is called, the Banker offers them a prize amount and they must then decide whether to take the deal or keep the contents of their own box as the prize. All players of the game get to help the full house winner by voting on whether to accept the Banker’s offer or not. The winner is shown the vote results, but is left to make the decision and tell the Banker on their own.

    Play Deal or No Deal today to find out more about the game and to see if you’ve got what it takes to beat the Banker and sweep the top prize.

  • 90 ball bingo - Lucky Numbers

    Lucky Numbers

    Play Now!

    1TG and 2TG games - every hour all day

    Tickets - start from just 5p!

    3 Lucky Number Prizes

    Let the little Irish leprechaun lead you to big wins in our fabulous Lucky Numbers bingo room!

    Here’s how: In the ticket purchase screen, select three numbers to play with alongside your 90-ball bingo game. You’ll automatically be shown three random numbers, however if you’re unhappy with them you can choose your own.

    The game plays out regularly but has an extra special Lucky Number feature. If luck is on your side, and your numbers have been called to win the 1-line, 2-line or full house prizes, you’re in for three amazing jackpots! If you match one of the three lucky numbers by the end of the game you’ll win the Bronze Jackpot of £1; two lucky numbers mean you’ll sweep the excellent silver prize of £15; and if all three lucky numbers have been called during the game, you’re in for the lavish Gold Jackpot worth £300!!!

    Now all that’s left to do is choose your numbers carefully, and let fate lead you to big wins today!

  • 90 ball bingo - The Social Club

    The Social Club

    Play Now!

    Open: 9am – midnight

    BOGOF + BOG2F: 9am-10am

    Spicy-Hot Jackpot

    What’s all the shouting about in our 80-ball Social Club room? For starters, 80-ball players tend to be a chatty bunch, with just as much interest in socializing with their fellow bingo fans and Chat Moderators as in playing the actual games.  There’s also the fact that our exclusive Social Club offers so many ways to win, providing plenty of opportunities to shout out ‘B-I-N-G-O’!

    For example, in this fun 80-ball room you can win on vertical and diagonal lines, in addition to the standard horizontal lines in other bingo variants. Filling in all four-corner numbers and four middle squares on your ticket also qualifies you for extra prizes.  Who might fill even more than one of the winning lines stated above in each game or perhaps even hit the Spicy Hot Jackpot worth £28,109!! Prizes vary depending on which lines you fall on.

    Which winning lines will you claim today? Enter the Social Club now to find out.

  • 75 ball bingo - Connect the Dots

    Connect the Dots

    Play Now!

    Pattern Games All Day

    BOGOF Games

    BOG2F Games

    Black Diamond Jackpot

    What’s the most creative way to play a round of 75-ball bingo? In a pattern bingo room, of course! Just fill in your numbers according to the specific pattern displayed in the game to win amazing prizes. The full house winner must be called within 42 balls or fewer.

    Connect the Dots also has the amazing Black Diamond Jackpot up for grabs, giving all of you creative types another great reason to play!

  • 75 ball bingo - Deal or No Deal

    Dond Bingo 75

    Play Now!

    DOND Jackpot

    Red Box Bonus Prize

    Based on the classic TV show, Deal or No Deal bingo has already captured the hearts of all of Britain and is quickly spreading throughout Europe. Due to the overwhelming popularity of Deal or No Deal’s 90-ball bingo version, we created a 75-ball version of the game as well.

    Deal or No Deal bingo is similar to other 75-ball bingo variants but with more prizes to win! There are a total of 6 prizes to play for: lines 1 to 4, a full house prize, plus an extra prize for the full house winner when playing the DOND feature game.

    The full house winner must be called within 42 ball calls or fewer. Once the full house winner has been called, the Banker offers them a prize and they must decide whether to take the deal or keep the contents of their own red box as the prize. All players of the game get to help the full house winner by voting on whether to accept the Banker’s offer or not. The winner is shown the vote results, but is left to make the decision and tell the banker on their own.         

    Play Deal or No Deal now to find out whether you’ve got what it takes to the beat the banker and win the big bucks!

  • 90 ball bingo - Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?


    Play Now!

    Ready to play? Yes! Is that your Final Answer? We thought so!

Why Titanbet Bingo?

Titanbet Bingo is the new player on the bingo block and a member of the prestigious Euro Partners family. We’re backed by a company with a long history of being at the top of the tree in the online gaming industry and their rock-solid reputation naturally extends to Titanbet Bingo as well.

Our online bingo software runs on Playtech’s Virtue Fusion network, award winning software that  enables Titanbet Bingo players to be able to play bingo against other bingo lovers 24 hours a day, regardless of whether you’re an early bird, or a night owl.

As well as playing host to a range of exciting bingo games and instant games, Titanbet Bingo has a complementary points program, built for the sole purpose of rewarding deposit bonuses and exciting offers to our players. Beyond that, we have an expertly-trained team of support staff who are dedicated to handling all bingo player queries, quickly, so you can get back to enjoying your bingo games as soon as possible.

Our Bingo Games

We have so many exciting bingo games here at Titanbet Bingo, and there truly is a game for everyone; from 75-ball and 80-ball bingo to 90-ball bingo and bingo games with added delights and bonuses, we’ve got it all. All of our bingo rooms are themed to enhance your gaming experience and of course, each one offers superb chat facilities so that you can get to know other bingo lovers, and meet new people from the comfort of your own home.

Our bingo games are also affordable for every type of budget too, as tickets start from just pennies, meaning just a small deposit can last for hours and hours of fun. Regardless of ticket price and the time of day, prizes are always fantastic, with some, worth thousands of pounds, especially if you head to the bingo rooms with progressive jackpots. In those bingo rooms, you can play for life changing money simply by calling bingo in a certain amount of numbers.

Still curious?

To find out if something is for you, the best way is to simply try it yourself, and if you want to try out Titanbet Bingo, why not make a small deposit? We have an amazing £40 bonus package for new members, meaning a £10 deposit deposit will go a very long way indeed, and once you have a balance bursting with cash, you can really try out everything Titanbet Bingo has to offer to see if it’s a bingo site that ticks all of your boxes. Try out all of the bingo games, have a chat with some of our friendly bingo players and see why they keep on coming back, and have a flutter on our instant games, where you need just a few pence to play for giant prizes.

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